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Touch the invisible void,
a frosted silence clouding your thoughts
and watch it unwrap, bending ever so slightly
like a leaf on the first drop of rain;
Watch it unwrap, and embrace the memories that escape.
The past year was a supernova.
An assemblage of emotions, and
an accumulation of nature’s wrath.
And the past year exploded in the most beautiful way
Scattering it’s little fragments every other way
Towards the billion stars that make up the universe
Towards the billion stars that make up this planet.
These little fragments we succinctly call ‘life’ hit us hard,
Love, laughter, pain, heartbreak, the yin and the yang.
We endured it all.
You endured it all.
So I ask you, touch.
Touch the invisible void,
And watch it unwrap.
Embrace your memories that escape
And let them brush your body
And like a sculptor working on his masterpiece
Let them shape you into a better “you”.
Embrace the fresh cuts on your skin
And let them glow in the warmth of your dreams.
A new year has now dawned upon us,
So let it show you the path to your dreams.
Follow the many trails it has laid out
Follow them through the velvet and the thorns
Follow them to the end
Because perseverance you see,
Is the canny little elf that sees you reach the end.
So I implore you again,
Touch. And embrace.
Because it’s when you lie down in the night,
and watch the stars shining down
Do you realise how beautiful life can be even with the lights out.

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