She is a butterfly.
Spends her day flying high.
But tonight she is here.
Fluttering through the
window looking down at me,
Creating a world
to get lost with her.

A world admires her. Floating.
But tonight she is here.
So lets walk a while.
Away from the warmth of my room.
Embracing a wintry night.
Her hands cold as the
moon. She rests on my arms.

For once, I knew it.
I was in the right place.
Letting the world fade away like
the forgotten hours of the day.
Two incomplete hearts racing
in a world that only sees the holes
When we make space for them.
Losing a part of ourselves.

But tonight, we poured ourselves
Filling the holes, a picture.
Strolling through the city
laced with a million reminders
across the fence. About you.
Bustling with people in the day
A long lost silence hid here. In
the alluring charm of the hour.

For years I longed to recreate
our short lived time together.
Dreams I wouldn’t let go.
Tonight, I knew. Lost
between the hands intertwined,
lay dreams sinking to sleep.
Shooting stars across the night
starry, she asks me to make a wish.
But mine had already come true.

Still remembering the day
She said she’d marry me. Alas.
We moved apart at the age of 3.
Smiling through her chipped teeth
The same day I lost mine in the ground.
Always meant to be.
Still remembering the day,
She now leads the way, I follow
Her long skirt billows.

She asks me to make a wish.
And all I had ever wished was to
Hold her in the pattering rain.
I wish the time would freeze.
I would spin if that could really
make the night any longer.
A breeze scattered wisps of her hair
as they reached my smile fading
into the new sunshine.




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