Graduation Again

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A little more dust on the tables
A little less laughter on the roadsides
A little more silence at the library
A little less photographs at the helipad

Not a lot has changed since we left our home
The stars will find new eyes gazing from rooftops
Gardens will take comfort under warmer bodies
Restaurants will get used to the chaos again
2.2 will find a thousand more stories to listen to
KGP always spins around the same cogwheels


Its our flustering hearts still drenched with promises
Our hands still stretching out for the familiar touch
Our eyes still watering over ‘final sem’ photographs
Our skin still holding on to the long parting hugs
KGP grows richer, deeper and heavier with memories

Memories that we leave behind at home
Dreaming of the new ones now awaiting

Goodbyes are hard and final
Today is not when I say goodbye
To these people
Or to KGP
I reminisce our best moments
And shout “Aloha!”

- With love, to the batch of 2018 :heart:




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