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Graduation must feel weird.
Bundled up in emotions flooding your every artery with constellations of echoes.
Of your best evenings and the worst hardships.
Of your pretty darlings and the grisly demons.

Graduation must come with a lot of questions -
Of finally gaining independence.
Or actually losing it.
Answers only time can tell.
A hundred ethereal tales for a hundred ethereal lives.

Graduation must feel like a final goodbye,
that rolls off your tongue like words written on the beach -
getting fainter and fainter,
carried away into the endless abyss.

Graduation will show you the other side of the door –
your door,
called life.

And we’ll get there.

But in the meanwhile, let’s all just build paper towns to scribble with our memories.

- With love, to the batch of 2017 :heart:




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