The sun takes the backdrop

ovoid droplets, pure and clear.

Eerie yet pleasant, are they. But it’s the

hallways I’ve begun to love ceaselessly.

A different phase of the moon everyday,

a shivery night greets me.

The wind teases my scruffy hair,

the blusterous weather a blessing.

I reach my habitual cavern, drenched

under a canopy of stars.

A mere desolation floats around, I simply

stare at the new gallery on display tonight.

The crickets, as always

providing the supreme soundtrack.

Occasionally I dawdle over futile thoughts,

of acquaintances and inquietudes.

They get deeper and profound,

every day spring an ache.

But the artistry in front being such a delight,

I simply continue my staring,

lounging alone

into the infinite stars.




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