Running through the velvet field taller than herself,
The colleen in pink stumbled over a red little sack.
The torn and dirty sack stood up to the size of an elf,
Flustering little Elisa, who ran all the way back.

His mild rashes pale and mellow skin dry, Ron’s tears
Tumbled down, his futility as clear as the crystalline dew.
Sheltered under the myriad stars of the farm for years,
None had seen the 8 year old’s eyes, a glimmering turquoise blue.

As the sun cast a reddish blush, spread out against the sky
over the ubiquitous fields covered in satin white,
Ron closed his eyes to the cadent chirping of the birds. Can’t versify.
In the distance, came the lass slinking; oh what an intrepid night!

Bergenia in hand, Elisa went hunting with her eyes,
Her locked up heart beating faster than squirrels in the sun.
An indistinct silhouette in the distance, he panicked, quite unwise.
Their eyes met for the first time. In a land far away, cupid felt the bludgeon.

As she slowly made her way through the Luculia garden,
She saw the stunned lad resting in the grass, white and green.
The halo cast by the dusk fading; Indicating, the mesmeric night has begun.
She kept gazing at his Titian red hair through the silvery sheen.

His freckles shining like a hundred fireflies amidst his many scars,
She held his hand and headed towards the moon, now bright.
Neither spoke a word under the dazzling assemblage of glittering stars,
And just strolled through the inky darkness of the winter night.

As the eerie be-speckled night began to slyly fade,
Ribbons of light kissed the horizon at dawn.
Elisa took him home through the nutmeg brown palisade,
And then slept all day from the first sight of the coloured lawn.


Rays of the afternoon sun adorned the otherwise plain walls,
Casting shadows long, across the room lit in a golden hue.
Sunlight, warm and pale, filtered through Ron’s eyelids as he sprawls,
Ten years after they first met. Dreaming of the years that flew.

The picturesque view from the bow windows dissolving, he adored;
Lounging in an amber, contemporary wooden chair across the grove,
A day shy of her 18th birthday was Elisa, prettier than all a guitar’s chord.
Two Intertwined hearts with a wondrous flame, neither could disapprove.

With a tale of tragedy behind Elisa, born as a result
Of a sacrifice warbled by bards and birds alike,
Ron’s teal eyes ever enkindles exult,
Filling a void left behind by her mother. Against the sorrows, a dike.

They lived a tale of the yin and yang. Be it the frosty bite
Of a blustery winter, the incessant winds of the autumn gust,
The flush and vibrant hues of the Spring, or the brutal smite
Of the unrelenting summer sun, their bond none shall burst.

Inextricably intricate as they were, day after day,
They grew closer. With Ron yodeling serenades
Night in and out, the captivated lass over the archway,
They sung a ravish love song, as a tremulous cadence parades.

Nurtured by the wild and savage, Ron showed her the exquisite,
Places not confined to the bounds of human imagination.
And daughter of a British Marquess, added to the rusty bandit,
A touch of flair. A favourite subject for her portraits, elegant and fun.


As the spring wind swept Bloodgood maple leaves,
Through crannies and crevices, and onto Ron,
The mystic fog lifted, unveiling reality. His eyes he retrieves,
From the woman, across the orchard graceful, feeding a fawn.

Her hair, chestnut brown, swam down her back in brooks.
Into shades of red and wine, curls at the end flowing like cascades.
Crystal blue eyes as clear as glaciers in the Alps’ nooks,
Hiding under golden lashes were they, flecked with mineral sparkles.

Midnight approaching faster than he had perceived,
He escorted Elisa. To where they felt their first caress.
From afar, a bright cosmic amber glow she beheld, deceived.
Closer, she failed to fathom the sight. Millions to confess!

A canopy of lanterns glowing in fervour,
In shapes and sizes outlandish, a euphoria in the light.
A wooden centerpiece hidden in the blur,
Her pupils dilated under the midnight.

A fiery white halo in her eyes,
Bespoke of a joie de vivre,
Drenched in jouissance, she sighs.
A kiss the worlds would covet; Set afire.

Engulfed in love under a thousand eyes,
Rapt were they, under the moon’s glow.
In the middle of Zion’s epitome, they rise.
An enticing pair, blessed by the divine Virgo.

Two souls astray in wilderness of their swain,
Exalted by the revelations under the unrevealed.
Of a lass who finally relinquished all worldly pain,
And a lad from the boyhood ordeals, healed.

Submerged under an inferno of burning flowers,
They rose together from life’s doomy vertigo, set alight.
Their love spread like a wildfire, Aphrodite flutters.
Over the world they bestrew, the melting flux of ardour infinite.


A fairy tale from start to finish, their story an illustration
To the world, quite exemplary. The smell of a river,
And willows she craved. A shack he built for her, an eden.
Faint quavers of music played the jungle, forever.

But forever was never so long. As the sun like a gold coin,
Dropped below Elisa’s view, a downpour flooded the uncharted.
The torrents of rain mighty, with the creeks the join.
The night sky awakens to devastation unprecedented.

The herculean onslaught unstoppable. And savage
Were the booms of thunder. The water invaded,
Memories and ridges notwithstanding. A bleak image.
The cold icy rain pierced her pale and wet skin, soaked in blood.

A look of concern furrowed her pencil thin brows,
Wondering where the waters dragged her gallant knight.
She yearned to see his coy smile suffused with his vows,
The divers possibilities kindling her solemn fright.


In a land asunder, the dark clouds ravening,
Stood Ron, not a skerry in sight.
Savage winds never weary, rampant seas roaring,
A thunderous demonstration of Earth’s might.

A gargantuan battle ensued,
As Ron battled his way through nature’s strife.
Occasionally he halted amidst the treacherous feud,
As a soul awaited for whom he pledged his life.

Months had passed and he heard not from her.
His jaws wistful, as he envisioned her slender figure.
A sculptor could not have fashioned her pixie nose any better,
And delectable calamine pink lips that caused quite a stir.

Survived the enervating year long storm did he,
Came in sight of the once pretty shack called home.
An arduous hour of searching, but nowhere to be found was she.
Intractable tears now trickling, he smeared his face with loam.


In a distant clearing in ruins, lay deracinated trees
Sabotaged by vicious agents of nature,
And hundreds of parchments gliding in the breeze.
Upon which, in Diamine grey was written a poem, crisper.

“Tonight, I must take my leave.
Tonight I take my leave, but for you I shall never grieve.
Under the endless sky,
Where love made its first caress, I lie.
I counted the days that have passed,
Since Zeus struck oceans and forests, vast.
Tonight I must take my leave,
My father, old’s command on new year’s eve.
I’ve waited for you, a year long.
And would do so forever, my love so strong.
I know you will return,
And for that day, eternally I yearn.
I know you will return,
And I will come back for you, lest I burn.
I love you like the burning sun,
Compassion like yours can light up the sky for one.
I love you like the silver moon,
You always reflected mine. In admiration, I swoon.
I can feel your heartbeat’s tune,
I could listen to it till the break of monsoon.
But tonight, I must take my leave.
My father, old’s command on new year’s eve.
I shall return every year, light a lantern here.
I can hear the voice of the rain crying, oh dear!
Years ago, on this day, I found you here.
I wish you return soon, I will always stay near.
We shall build a fort, just me and you.
With our souls unfurled, life we shall start anew.
But tonight, I must take my leave.
Tonight, I must take my leave.

499 immaculate parchments lay scattered, carrying her every belief.
But the last one illegible; Ink blotted from teardrops and many a crease.
Elisa looked up, kohl smeared with misty-eyes; Trembling with grief.
She saw a floundering silhouette of a man carrying two souls, a masterpiece.

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