I was a square when I met her
Pretty in her red velvet sweater
Like no one in the room was better
Sitting across the room, you see
I’d stare each day and wonder
Damn, those curves!
But also, how she was circle
A perfect smooth circle
With teeth that sparkle
And always wore a turtle
I’d stare each day and wonder
If I could ever hold her hands
Fingers intertwined
Standing a little inclined
Leaving my skin behind
To put our hearts in a bind
Because, that’s how it starts
You’d call it infatuation
Desire, an obsession
Lust, a fascination
But it’s easy to tell
When I’m in love
Love, you see, moulds me
But not because it is needed
But because I want to
Be a better me, for love
To hold on to me
Two circles, hand in hand
Walking to the beach, be tanned
Skate around in fairy land
Dancing to their favourite band
That’s how it always goes
It’s easy to tell
When I’m in love
Today, I’ll be a circle
Be the greatest circle
Cutest circle
Smartest circle
Strongest circle
I will be
The squarest circle
Oh, yes.
I can’t let it happen again
Rectangle oh rectangle
Rectangle was my first love
Pretty from each angle
Always shaking her bangle
Takes a minute to entangle
I, well,
I was a Pentagon when I met her
She said she liked my butt
She said she liked me, but,
She wrote me a big letter
Wished I was thinner
Had lesser perimeter
Just her not much better
She wished
I became a square
And so
I became a square
Within her I could hide
About my shapes now I lied
But no matter how I tried
She never saw my real side.
That was the day I learnt,
Love is not a result of change
Love is a desire to change
A better change.
A better you.
Better. Like a circle do.
That’s how, in a jiffy I knew,
I will be
I was a square when I met her
And she didn’t want me to change
Liked me like I was
Didn’t impose no laws
And sometimes
Gave me a late night pass
She was
Just perfect
She was
A circle
Could answer every riddle
Jump over all my rainy puddle
Would hold me tight in a cuddle
Would never befuddle
I wished I could be more like her
So I polished my rough edges
Drew a couple sketches
Stopped hiding my secret sides
And took control of my tides
Perfect is subjective
Am now
A circle, as perfect as I could be
Has been
A circle, as perfect as she could be
We Are
Circles, more perfect than we could be





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