The girl, smiling at him through the window.

The autist in him taking him back to his dreams…

The endless world kept growing. His wanderlust just wouldn’t end.

Till he finally reached a place so alluring, the mesmerised mogul realised.

He had found his destination.

Assembling all those conceptions he had drawn in his tiny notebook

full of sticks and sketches, feathers and leaves,

he built it all up, with the years running behind.

His castle finally touched the sky.

Expeditiously, he runs. He runs through the clouds, searching for the snow. So desperate

was he, even in the desolation, for all he could think of was the magic in her eyes,

the first time it snowed from the heavens.

The puffy structures chilling him down to his spine,

gasping for breath, the disappoint broke him.

His castle crashing to the ground, he falls.

All the way from the clouds, back to his table beside the classroom window.

Hoping that some day, he’ll gift her the snow.

The girl, smiling at him through the window.




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