The girl behind those glasses

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She was right in front of me,
Sitting enveloped like a letter
Relishing her moments -
drowned in words.
And like any pursed secret,
I wanted nothing more
Than to reveal her treasures -
Her words and her memories.
So ever so slowly,
I worked through her waxed seal
And climbed inside her language
And onto her stage.
I parted her straggly hair,
Like the pleated curtain shadowing the magician.
I parted her straggly hair,
To be faced by a black edged frost.
And so I started wiping the mist away,
With my little pink thumb;
Careful not to nudge her though
From the grasps of poetry.
I wanted to share her beauty
With the rest of the universe, see?
To take her by the hand
And out into nothingness.
To drift away from the pale blue dot
We call home and wave!
To cavort on the outskirts of Hi’iaka,
And swing on the rings of Saturn.
So I picked the litany of lights
Glowing within her eyes,
And across the bridge of her nose
One by one with the tips of my rosebud fingers.
And then,
I drew them back into the sky
As stars
for all the world to see.
I still know very very little
about TheGirlBehindThoseGlasses.
Too soon, she waved us goodbye,
to slumber the dreamy night away.
But I looked at these stars still shining,
from my little corner of the world.
Hoping someday,
she’ll stretch her arms,
take my hand,
and show me her galaxies.




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