Standing, staring, deep into the darkness beyond
Still searching for the shadows he never found.

She once gave him an invaluable box
Her eyes musing on his ever cunning soul
Notwithstanding her failure, she had just one will
Asked him to open it when he finds his love.

But the beast kept hunting, the forests of the commons
Striking them so hard, they couldn’t help but perish
But once, and for all, the beast was caught in all blood and thirst,
And the curses of the forest, pointed nowhere but hell.

He then recollects, the words of that woman,
The one who spent sleepless nights, kissing him through his wounds….
And now killing himself,
For he couldn’t even remember his love.

The box, he finally broke open
Only to reveal
A withered flower,
And her priceless wedding ring.




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