A drop of her solitude drips down her cheek, right onto his placid young face splashing all over his dreams and flooding their meadows. Meadows that surround their childhood years with its cold snowy flakes and its soft and warm daffodils. All the sudden change of the vibrant colours opens his eyes, as he runs across the meadows, wondering what could have changed the world that held all the liquid love the two of them emanated. He opened his eyes onto her closed eyelids. Her eyelashes dripping wet, each drop of her crystal tear splashing against his face. Like a mother protecting her child with the warmth of her protective body, he holds his hands on her cheeks, the warmth of his hands nourishing the little flowers in her ever-so-cold and gloomy world in an instant. Her cold and shivering skin exfoliating to reveal the hidden glow he loved. Like a paper that has ever known the touch of the artist it has given its life to, ones that respond only to the blissfully gentle brushstrokes of this forgotten artist, her blushes grow dark red from the sudden touch from the one lying on her laps. As a butterfly in purple flutters its way onto her little nose, she sees the rays of sunlight gazing up at the horizon onto her thoughts and killing them like vampires that fear to death on the touch of the sunlight. She sees the rays of sunlight entering her slowly opening eyes, waking up to her loved one swiftly getting up from the comfort of her lap. And as her still wet and glistening eyes meet his’, he smiles his way right into her every little living cell, pumping the red fluid of life back to her heart, ensuring everything is all right. And he hugs her. His loud and calm heartbeats comforting her every more than all the words floating around could ever do. As the last tear drop touches the wet green grass, she gives him a little peck on his cheek. One which conveys why she would never let him go. Her brother just smiles her worries away.




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